First - few words about my equipment. Hidden (with gazillion of pcbs) in dark and hot place place . The Attic ;)

- Vi-LAB fully customizable (ISPA script language) eprom programmer + 16 chan logic analyzer + eprom simulator with 8 MB of internal memory. Quite obsolete (parallel port ...) but very cool. BASIC - like language allows to add new algorithms or modify existing ones.

- Commodore 1084s monitor. "Only Amiga Makes It Possible" :)

- Rigol 1062CD 60 MHz digital scope + 16 chan logic analyzer - maybe not "top shelf" product, but good enough for hw tests.

-Willem eprom programmer ... Not much to say - it's just good simple willem.

- I/O boards . A couple of them. One is simple 8255PPI connected to PIC with usb driver, another device is more complex arm9 based board with a a lot of ports and analog inputs. Using them rarely to communciate with game boards and acquire data.

- "dedicated" IBM T42 lappie i got lately to work with Vi-LAB. Fully working Parallel port and Win XP (or older) operating system are req to use Vi-LAB. I'm lately using MAC or WIN7 based PC, so an extra piece of (old) hw was needed. T42 works perfectly.

- Arcade stick made by Kowal

- A bunch of adapters, tools, heatguns, weird chinese eprom erasers that emits strange smell when works.. etc etc etc

PCB pics coming soon....