Back to '80

Guess what was my first computer ? Yeah, Speccy.. gazillion years ago. I have used it to play (cool) games and coding (not so cool) programs. In early '90 i have got my first 16 bit machine - Amiga. But ZX Spectrum is still my fav machine ;) Also, i can call myself "sunday speccy coder". Once a year i'm trying to make something fun for small demo party - Raww Orgy . Made so far three 256 bytes intros. Here are some brief info about them. Full videos are available in "My Videos" section: Brainwasher (2nd at Raww Orgy 2009) - weird intro.It displays (and plays) own code (as data) on the screen... In fact it's trying to take control of your brain ;) RGB (5th at Raww Orgy 2009) - three rgb balls jumping on screen. Border is (or rather - should be) synced with the background. Blister Sisters (6th at Raww Orgy 2008) - last year entry. Three blobs flying around. There's also special feature - terrible long precalc time at start (perfect for make a coffee) ;)