The art of rippping.

New board arrived. "Spinkick" by Seojin/Heasung (notice the big epoxy block with "HEC" logo). PCB is 'almost' working, but there's no way to insert coin(s) and start the game (probably one of the input buffer chips is broken... very common).

And yes, it's rip-off of the Sega's "Free Kick" game, running on really weird korean hardware based on MSX2 home computer ( plus additional sound cpu (Z80) and extra logic to handle a bit different (than in MSX2) rom banking ). Game ROMs contains hacked MSX2 bios - they removed all (c) texts, blanked font area and added few mods here and there to skip boot sequence. Also, for some unknown reason, Yamaha v9938 VDP is hidden in big and heavy epoxy block. Probably to make a fake impression of being orginal, not stolen piece of hardware.
So .. what's the point of use MSX2 as the base ? I have NO idea... Imho it's way easier to start from scratch and design own, simple hardware (vdp, cpu, roms, rams) than modify msx one. Bios is used only at boot time (it req some sick logic chips (8255 + demultiplexers and buffers) to handle the msx "slot" memory banking scheme) - game is directly accessing the VDP and banked roms.
After a bit of pcb tracing and with help from #msxdev guys i got this:

Two different versions of the title screen.

WTF? Blind Superman ?