More M.A.M.E. wip

I have finally figured out what was wrong with the gfx emulation in Sonic Blast Man 2 - OAM address wasn't correctly restored. RB pointed me to some interesting hardware docs with explanation of this behaviour. It was already implemented in the snes driver, but with major flaw. In fact - instead saved OAM address - the current one was restored (so ... there was no difference between old and new). After fixing the bug, game is fully playable.
Few weeks ago f205v has found "Little Robin" pcb for sale. Game is not working in MAME (video hardware is only partially emulated) - so i have decided to buy it. PCB arrived few days ago. Spanish pcb, with korean labels, found in Itally.

I'll try to run some trojan/test code on it. There's chance to make this weird 'Snow Bros' rip-off playable.

Btw, i'm still looking for the pcb of another unemulated TCH game - 'Wheels & Fire'. As well as other, undumped/unemulated arcade games from Spain.

Few pics from the game:

My monitor has some problems with displaying game gfx. There's weird gradient on the bg as well as missing blue color component here and there. Also the SYNC signals generated by PCB are out of range a bit.
There's also video from attract/gameplay in the My Videos section